Executive Jet Charter

Executive Jet Charter

In response to increasing demand, Amadeus Aviation is pleased to announce the opening of its Executive Jet Charter Division.

We are now able to provide a full range of fixed wing aircraft, from the smallest Learjet to the biggest Boeing, from turboprops to multi jets. 

Whether you need to get to Lima, Lahore or Lanzarote, we specialise in turning your requirement into a runway-ready aircraft with the minimum of fuss and maximum professionalism.

International Commerce

In a world of international commerce, the requirement for CEO's and FCO's to go to where the business is becomes ever more crucial. Executive jet charter makes this efficient and corporations increasingly see executive jets as effective  business tool.

With our excellent links with internationally recognised aeroplane operators and our wide aviation experience, we are in the ideal position to offer you the right aircraft, flown by the best pilots and to create your itinerary at a sensible price.


As you would expect from a company that pays attention to the little things, we make every effort to ensure that your journey is more enjoyable.

All our helicopter flights include complimentary drinks, snacks and newspapers, as do our Executive Jet flights. On longer flights we tailor your meals to suit your personal culinary and dietary requirements.

It's all part of the service on which our reputation was built.