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Amadeus Aviation has a wealth of experience using helicopters as an aerial camera platform. From the coverage of sports events to the filming of TV series, commercials and feature films, we are familiar with all aspects of film and video shoots.

WOFMRooftop.jpgAmadeus Aviation will advise on the supply and fitting of a wide range of camera equipment and mounts, from the Wescam gyro-stabilised system to the Continental/Tyler side mounts and nose mounts.

For hand-held work we provide a harness to secure the cameraman to the helicopter and a wind deflector on the doorframe to reduce buffeting. We have also had excellent results using gyro-stabilised such as the Schwemm. Where required we also provide hand-held radios for air to ground co-ordination.

Our pilots are fully acquainted with the discipline of film flying and are frequently asked to advise on creative decisions in discussions with the director, the DOP and the camera operator. Indeed, Philip Amadeus is gaining an excellent reputation as one of Britain's most dynamic film pilots.