Executive helicopter charter in London and serving the UK

‘The Time Machine’ 

TonyBlair1.jpgHelicopters are time machines, journeys that can take hours by car, are just minutes by air. 

Make Meetings Happen

Some busy key managers are difficult to meet, but often an offer of executive helicopter travel to a country house hotel for lunch, will clinch a meeting and perhaps the deal. The cabin club layout is separate from the pilot. Three forward facing seats opposite two rear facing ones encourage discrete in-flight discussion and viewing of documents.


Multiple Meetings 


We all know the frustrations of congested roads. Helicopter flight times allow you to schedule several meetings in one day across the country, achieving 2 or 3 days work in one, plus avoiding the cost and boredom of hotel overnights.

Jet Transfers

Don’t get herded around airports, searched and prodded like cattle. Helicopter airport transfers allow you to land next to your private jet and walk straight on. We can book jets for you at very competitive prices, see